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Choose Shuaiqi the four major advantages
We always uphold the business philosophy of "integrity first and quality first", and bring the most sincere service to our friends

Reasonable prices,excellent quality for your money

Carefully implement the concept of high quality and low price, the cost control of raw materials to the construction process, the same quality price is low, the same price quality is excellent. Every point will save you.


Provided Design,Construction Perfect Solutions

Provide perfect feasibility, technical guidance, providing a complete set of solutions, with a high-quality management team, a number of professional and technical personnel, equipped with the most advanced domestic construction machinery and equipment and professional after-sale team.


Adhere to environmental clean-leading technology

We always adhere to the importance of scientific and technological progress in the development of enterprises, adhere to the advantages of technological lead, and ensure the quality of each project and its leading position in technology. Our drawing staff give you free design drawings, and the company management personnel are rich in production experience and strict product quality inspection ability


Detail Treatment,reflecting Perfection Service

ShuaiQi combined with clean, dust-free, colorful, shape different environment in a variety of humanized design reflects the perfect service, to ensure the safety of every service, for enterprises to open the green, green channel and therefore ShuaiQi also stand out in many others.


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Zhongshan City Shuaiqi metal products factory

Zhongshan xiaolan town into a badge factory, is a professional design and production: badges, key chain, commemorative COINS, MEDALS, police chapter, the labor card/nameplate, hang filepacker metals such as advertising gifts, involved in the process are: enamel, imitation enamel, copper pressure, screen printing, plate printing, offset printing, the drop rubber, corrosion, alloy casting, surface plating: gold, silver, nickel, ancient gold, ancient silver, nickel, copper, ancient bronze, silver or gold, fog fog fog nickel, gun black, rose gold, etc., our drawing staff give you free design drawings, company managers have rich production experience and strict product quality inspection ability. 
Slogan: work hard, happy life! 
Vision: doing fine in the industry, doing well and doing well. 
Brand concept: with higher product value, service in various high-tech enterprises, do the most professional antenna manufacturing enterprises! 

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